2019 - 2020
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Take advantage of $75.00 Off or $50.00 Off in your registration fee. Call our Main office Today! at 305.559.9409. Our ultimate goal is to help our students discover the world that God has made and learn about His plans for their life as they develop to their full potential.Come visit us and enroll your child today


Here at CPCA we offer several student activities so that children have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities that enhance their educational experience. Activities are available for every age group and provide our students an age-appropriate opportunity to develop their talents and gifts, leadership qualities, academic skills and spiritual development.

School Year Calendar

For a detailed information of School monthly activities, Holidays, Early Dismissals, and Teacher planning days click here!You can also keep yourself informed login in to your MySchoolWork account to follow your son/daughter attendance, grades and homework.

2019-2020 PreK Calendar

2019-2020 Elementary / Middle Calendar