A special counting takes place in primary grades throughout the country to commemorate an event that happens every year: the one hundredth day of school. Here at CPCA we also celebrate …..the count begins on the first day of school…..

100 Days of School

Espiritual Emphasis Week

From February 16th-20th we celebrate our spiritual emphasis week with Pr. David Lopez. All our students were able to connect, have fun, learn and worship together!!!

School Fieldtrips

The mission of the Museum of Discovery and Science is to provide experiential pathways to lifelong learning in science for children and adults through exhibits, programs, and films. Last February 17th our school visited the museum, 2 buses, 110 students, 20 chaperons/parents!!! What a great experience!!!!

CPCA Spelling Bee 2017

“Our mission is to help students be the best readers, writers,and speakers. We want to give them the tools  to learn properly. Our Spelling Bee event featured over 40 students from grades first through six in rounds of competition that ended with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each grade. A crowned champion: Jason Acosta; 2nd Place: Ernesto Autie and 3rd Place Charlize Labiste. 

Our Box Top Winners

Yes!, here at CPCA we clip BoxTops for education. Hundreds of products participate in the program.  For every Box Top our students clip, our school receive 10 cents. This Year Ms Pandiello’s second grade class celebrated their victory with an ice cream party. They collected over 500 box tops. Thank you parents and guardians for your cooperation. Congratulations to:  Michael, McCartney, Julian, Charlize, Christopher, Amaya, Michelle, Chris Gonzalez, Joshua, Hansel, Yoselyn, Andy, Enrique y Melanie….

Our Super Summer Camp 2017

Yes!, Summer once again. For the last 20 years Coral Park Christian Academy has prepared to offer the best summer camps for our students. This year was no different than the others … we had fun, instruction, field trips, cooking clubs, science clubs and much more. We thank God for allowing us to offer these 8 weeks full of activities, sport and also spiritual instruction. 

See you at the Pole @ CPCA 2017

For over 25 years, See You at the Pole has been about one simple act—prayer. Here at CPCA  is also about students gathering at their flagpoles, uniting themselves in prayer before God interceding for their generation, praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities. SEE YOU AT THE POLE is a day committed to global unity in Christ. Take a look at the pictures!!