Important Information you should know

Health Department requirements

The following are required for each child to be enrolled in Coral Park Christian Academy. These forms may be obtained from a private physician or the Miami-Dade County Health Department:

  1. A Florida Certification of Immunization.
  2. A Health history and Medical Examination must be on file for each child. This must be done by an attending physician. 

General Philosophy and Objectives

True wisdom is knowing God’s purpose for us in life, and also His plan for the ages. We believe that students are truly educated only when they have attained true wisdom. Proverbs 4:7 states: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding”. Therefore, to instill wisdom in the life of its student body, Coral Park Christian Academy – founded upon the authority of the Word of God, gives the bible pre-eminence by making it the foundation of the school curriculum, and emphasizing the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The educational philosophy of Coral Park Christian Academy is bible-based and Christ-centered. Since Jesus Christ is the integrating and unifying reality of all academic and extra-curricular activities, our teachers must be “born-again” Christians who are living a life of discipleship under His Lordship. We require that all our teachers be active members of a local church whose doctrines are acceptable to Primera Iglesia Bautista Coral Park.

The ultimate purpose of education at Coral Park Christian Academy is to glorify God. We do this through the following foundational objectives:

  • Provide students with an educational environment that will foster opportunity to become well-balanced, Christ-like persons through proper cognitive, physical, social and spiritual development.
  • Encourage students in the development of wholesome Christian attitudes and values by example and by design.
  • Broaden the students’ worldview through a Christ-centered curriculum that recognizes all truth is from God.
  • Instill in students a sense of responsibility for their own continued spiritual and intellectual growth.
  • Lead students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (Mt. 16:26).
  • Train students to know and to do the will of God (Ps. 16:8; Mt. 26:39).
  • Convince students to stand firm for biblical principles (Ps. 119:46; Prov. 1:10).
  • Teach students self-discipline through submission to God and all other authority (Rom. 13:1; Heb. 13:7; Ps. 40:8).