A Letter From The Principal

Dear parents:

Three years ago, God called me to serve the families here at Coral Park Christian Academy. It is the joy of my life to see children develop physically, academically, socially and spiritually.

I have been involved in the business world for over 35 years, in Christian school education for the past 18 and in church ministry for the last 45. This experience has taught me to understand and value both the business and the ministry aspect of a Christian school. We are always intent in maximizing the use of the resources available at our school to enhance the educational experience of our students as well as the parents here at CPCA.

We use an excellent school software program called MYSCHOOLWORX. This program gives the teachers the ability to post assignments and grades of the students in real time for the parents to have access to in a secure and user-friendly environment. Parents are also able to communicate with their student'(s) teachers via e-mail thereby giving parents increased access to their children’s academic records and teacher input.

I am sure you would agree that, although our school has very competitive tuition rates, it still takes a lot of sacrifice on the part of our families to provide a solid education with a Christian worldview for our children. We are proud members of the Association of Christian Schools International(ACSI) and have begun to work towards achieving our goal of full accreditation status with them very soon. We look forward to meeting you and answer any questions you may have for us. I look forward to partnering with you in providing a quality and affordable Christian education for our children.

In His Service,

Pastor Jesus Perez

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